Sandy Studies

The clock says, "Hoboken lost power at 9:05." Or so. City clocks are always off a bit. A Hoboken City Clock at 11th and Washin...

Embracing and Communicating Uncertainty

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I am hesitant to blog about the hurricane ripping through the Mid-Atlantic, especially while I'm sitting comfortably safe and warm, six ...

On Eclipses and Scientific Thinking: Simon Newcomb, Mark Twain, Ernst Mayr, and Bing Crosby

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What do Newcomb, Twain, Mayr, and Crosby have in common? No, they aren't a 60s folk rock band. The answer is that they all tell us somet...

Talking to Insects

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Autumnal forest in Charlevoix, Quebec.  From the series The Earth from Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The painter and experimental fi...
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